The Art of Adoration: How To Turn True Appreciation Into Life Shifting Experiences

The Art of Adoration: How To Turn True Appreciation Into Life Shifting Experiences


Our fast-paced and PC obsessed culture leads little time and massive amounts of fear around sharing how we truly feel. From the fear of offense to being accused of a more heinous intention, our modern day society teaches us to keep it to yourself and to never fully tell the truth.

Yet, with that mindset fully in place for the last two-plus decades our society - the people that we are - are falling apart. More stress, worry, anxiety. More addictions, suicides, bullying, and violence.

And though you may be thinking yes, I see such things on my social media feed, but “that” doesn’t affect me, my clients, or the ones I care about. Wrong.

For as much as social media and everything online has brought us greater advances - it is tearing at the fundamental human needs we all have: certainty, safety, significance, value, and love. And yes it is these fundamental needs that we need to have fulfilled that will allow us to go out there and ask for the work, go out and start the business, take the leap and go back to school, and just people happy people.

Think about that.

If everyone was just personally happier - just a little bit more - think how everything would change.

The great news is that you and I can start making that happen. We can truly be the hands and feet of making this world and your relationships better. And it all starts with a little adoration.

Adoration by definition is showing not just appreciation but the highest forms of love, reverence, and respect.

Wouldn’t you be a different person if you had more love, reverence, and respect in your life?

YES! Yes, you would.

Because with more love, reverence, and respect - you would be less stressed, more giving, more patient and kind, more supportive, and happier.

So let us show you how to add the adoration back into your personal and professional relationships.

Session 1: Overcoming The PC/Offense Driven Fear

We all see the drama that is out there and none of us want to be a part of it. It isn’t that we don’t care. It is the simple fact that we don’t have the energy to fight for something that just isn’t worth it in the end. That is human biology 101.

And though that is what our biological programming tells us to do, in the end, we don’t have the lives, relationships, business connections, or fulfillment that we ourselves are looking for. Because when you “phone in” everything. Everything becomes phony at some point.

In this session, we deep dive into where this PC/ Offense culture has come from. Because when we know the root we know how to best work to change the results.

Session 2: Tuning Into The Heart

Most people are clueless about what they want, let alone what other people want. And the thought of trying to discern what someone “really” wants can feel exhausting. The truth is it isn’t.

In this session, we are going to the heart of the matter - literally. We will be teaching you 3 simple techniques that will bring you clarity on what you and others really want.

Session 3: Discerning The True Need

We have all been there. A client says they want “A” you deliver it and nope that isn’t what they really wanted.  In this session, we are talking about how to discern a person’s NERI® profile in under a minute which will help you get to what true actions, words, and outcomes need to be shared/created to create the sense of adoration while deepening the relationship.

Session 4: Showing The Love

The art of adoration is two-fold: how you feel and how the other person needs to feel. This plays into four key areas: biology, psychology, subconscious mind, and social stories. When we have clarity on these areas it is easy to see the “how” and “what” that needs to happen.

In this session, we are helping you understand the “why” as well as how to take action fearlessly, boldly, and in pure love.

Session 5: Adoration Addiction (In All The Good Ways)

Yes, the art of adoration is addicting. And once you get into the flow you will want to make every interaction a truly transformational experience.

In this session, we are talking about how to make the art of adoration part of your everyday life. Allowing you to bless others while blessing yourself, your business, and your relationships too.

I hope you can see by now, that by making your relationships better it makes your life better too. Besides all the biological happy hormones which will be making you feel better - you can get more done, be a true influencer, and have people crave to be around you simply because you show them how you truly care. And that is great for business and life.

If you want to put action behind those good thoughts. You want to play your game and create relationships and connections that win for you and the world. Then let us show you how.

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