Gift Curation

Gift Curation

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Looking for “THAT” perfect client gift, welcome back, or that  “just because” go-to present? With our gift curation service, we look far and wide to find the perfect gift giving experience for you and your receiver. Yep, the total art of adoration in action.

Here is how it works.

By Project:

Have a special event or holiday season coming up where you want a few options of gift giving perfection. We can help.

By The Year:

Want us available to help you select the perfect gifts both personally and professionally for an entire year? Then we can help with that too. Pay a one-time flat fee and use us as much as you like.

Gift Curation Selection:

  1. Complete a simple online questionnaire. Depending on how many people we are selecting for at one time, a quick Zoom call may be in order to help expedite your search.

2.  Give us about a week to find the right items for you,

3 Receive a dossier of up to 5 suggestions within your budget from various vendors. We will share with you the “why” this gift shows your true and total adoration as well as give you a few tips on what the card should say too.

Then all you have to do is order. We receive no affiliate or financial kickbacks from the businesses we recommend. We refer only quality vendors who deliver exceptional products from our experience.

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